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Classifieds FAQ

Check Who can post to WebsiteGear Free Classifieds?
WebsiteGear Free Classifieds is open to all who fulfills the following criteria: 1. Is a registered user of 2. Did NOT register with an email address from a FREE email service provider - such as,, 3. Have verified the email address using our ema ... Check more (Classifieds Posting FAQ)
Check Guidelines for posting to WebsiteGear Classifieds
Please follow the guidelines for posting an Ad to the WebsiteGear Free Classifieds 1. The classifieds section is for posting offers and deals for website related business and entities only. That includes web hosting, domain names, websites for sale etc. Any other business not related to website d ... Check more (Classifieds Guidelines FAQ)
Check Notice Regarding Classified Ads
All classified Ads posted on are individual member posts and not of WebsiteGear Inc. We do not endorse nor are we affiliated with any company listed or mentioned on this website. WebsiteGear does not screen all classified Ads before posting and reserves the right to remove a clas ... Check more (Classifieds Guidelines FAQ)